A Crafty Autumn Project....

A Crafty Autumn Project....

Sophie, Hum Flowerpots on 11th Oct 2021

As the nights draw to a close, and leaves begin to fall, let’s get festive and make our homes extra cosy and seasonal. To continue with the same theme as last week and looking at ways to improve your front door steps and front gardens, I thought this week we could look at wreaths. They don’t have to just be for Christmas – why not get creative and make your own autumnal wreath.

I have some great tips below – so let’s put that warm cup of coffee down, and let’s get imaginative.

First things first, the shopping list:

  • 1.Wire wreath frame
  • 2.Florist wire or twine
  • 3.Decorations (of your choice, some options below)
  • 4.Scissors or secateurs

Step 1. Separate your decorations out into piles – this will make assembling the wreath much easier

Step 2. Group together elements (such as leaves and berries), into small bunches and lay in the middle of a 20cm length of florist wire or twine. Twist the wire or twine around the bunches and leave the ends. Repeat this for all bunches, ready to assemble onto the wire wreath frame.

Step 3. Start adding the bunches to the wire wreath frame and add extra foliage and leaves where gaps may occur. It is easier to go round in a clock-wise direction and remember that your start and finish point will be the same.

Step 4. Add the finishing touches such as ribbons, bows, trims (optional). Once you are happy with the finished design, go round and make sure that all knots are securely tightened so that nothing falls off when hanging on the door.

Now let’s look at exciting part – the decorations! Next time you go out for a beautiful autumnal stroll, take a bag with you and collect some of the following. The other items in the list you will have to collect and leave to one side until you are ready to create your wreath.

  • 1.Pinecones – these go without saying! Why not jazz them up and once home, spray paint with gold or silver for an even more festive appearance.
  • 2.Leaves / foliage– these I love, as they come in a huge variety of hues, shapes, textures – from warm rustic reds, to burnt fiery orange and earthy browns and tans.

  • 3.Acorns – these work well if you want a more rustic, natural looking wreath
  • 4.Dried flowers – next time you have a seasonal array of flowers, allow them to dry out and then carefully put to one side until you are ready to create your wreath. Similar to the leaves, these can be a great showstopper as they can offer a huge variety of colour and really do say “autumn is here”.
  • 5.Twigs and sticks – whilst they may sound boring, they add texture, and once added to the wreath, the twigs and sticks create a design similar to a Catherine wheel firework which is utterly fabulous!

  • 6.Mini pumkins and oranges – if you would like a more subtle design, then perhaps consider using dried oranges and mini pumpkins and assemble with simple pine cones (untreated). The classic colour combination of orange and dark brown is simple and understated and what’s more, your guests will enjoy the lovely citrus scent as they ring the doorbell!

Don’t forget, that whilst most wreaths are for the front door, you could also use them for the dining table when you have guests over for a warm winters feast. I can just imagine a beautiful roast leg of lamb, with all the trimmings, and a wonderful unique wreath as the centre piece – just pop a pillar candle in the middle and your guests will enjoy the splendour. Finally, if your guests are staying over, why not pop a mini wreath (hand created of course!) hanging on the door of the guest bedroom. Be careful however, with all this work you may have gone to, they’ll never want to leave!

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