Balcony Gardens

Balcony Gardens

Lara, Hum Flowerpots on 5th Jul 2021

A balcony is the perfect spot for growing plants in pots, and creating the perfect relaxing outdoor haven. You can make clever use of the space by attaching pots to the walls, and over the side of the balcony, as well as sitting them on the floor. With beautiful green plants all around you, and a comfy place to sit, you can really make the most of your outside space. Strings of fairy lights, colourful cushions and mirrors can add to the mood. What could be better than relaxing on the balcony after work, with a refreshing cool drink.

But what to grow in your balcony flowerpots? Well, why not try growing some aromatic herbs such as thyme, mint and rosemary, which smell amazing as well as being useful for cooking. You could also try growing chilli plants, strawberries and lettuce for delicious home-grown food. If you are thinking of creating a lush, jungle vibe, you could even try growing some potted ferns and dwarf palms. To add greenery at eye-level you could try creating your own living wall, and fill hanging pots with trailing plants such as lobelia, verbena and trailing ivy.

The great thing about growing plants in pots is that if they are not hardy, and won't survive the winter frosts, you can easily bring them inside over the cold months. Having a mini garden on your balcony is such a great idea. It can lift your spirits, bring nature into your home, and give you a whole new room to enjoy! It's easy to add a splash of colour with Hum Flowerpots – they are bright, fun, high quality heavy-duty plastic (yet lightweight) and easy to wipe down and clean. You can purchase them here.

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