Birth Month Flowers - April

Birth Month Flowers - April

Sophie, Hum Flowerpots on 1st Apr 2022

With Spring being a busy time of year with Easter celebrations, Mothers’ Day and so on, it can be difficult to choose what flowers to purchase as a gift or simply to decorate your home. 

As we continue to welcome the sunny weather, and take more comfort in our outdoor spaces, patios, gardens and driveways, why not treat yourself, or a friend or family member to their birth month flowers. 

Similarly, to other months of the year, April has two birth month flowers: Daisies and Sweat Peas!

Interestingly, Daisies belong to the largest families of plants in the world and are found everywhere on our planet except for Antarctica! They are a sturdy flower being able to survive in both wet and dry climates and can grow well in full sun as well as shade.

Naturally, when we think of Daisies we think of the sweet tiny little weeds that crop up in our lawns for us to make daisy-chains with the children. We would find it hard to imagine that you can actually get Daisies in a variety of colours! When you visit the florist you will also be amazed at the many varieties of Daisies such as Oxeye Daisies and Gerberas which are much larger and very bright, bold and colourful.

The Gerbera Daisy symbolises innocence and beauty, with the radiant colours representing energy and rejuvenation. Cheerful yellow and orange represents happiness and sunshine, red symbolises passion and desire, pink demonstrates admiration, whilst purple expresses class and value.

Sweet Peas, which symbolises pleasure and bliss, are difficult to find in florists but are a perfect flower to grow at home. You can easily grow them in containers, such as our Medium or Large Pots, or in flower beds. As they are a climbing flower you will need to ensure you have a wall, trellis or garden canes to give them ample support. Be careful not to deprive them of water as they are hungry and thirsty plants and need to be fed frequently.

They originate from Sicily, Cyprus and Southern Italy however over the last 25 years, UK flower farms have produced exceptional blooms with long, elegant stems, which make an ideal gift.

With such an uplifting time of year, please share with us your daffodils on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget our Small, Medium and Large pots can be found here, and would look wonderful with such a cheery spring-time favourite.