Birth Month Flowers - July

Birth Month Flowers - July

Sophie, Hum Flowerpots on 5th Jul 2022

A very average British summer, wouldn’t you agree?!

But that doesn’t have to put a damper on our creativity in the garden or on our terraces or patios.

The birth month flower for July is the annual larkspur which boasts wonderful blooms in pink, lilac and white. Part of the buttercup family, the larkspur often gets confused with delphiniums as they look so similar. A refreshing change from pinks, oranges and yellows, the perennial delphinium flower are known for their vibrant blue hue and glorious height – some can grow as high as 6ft! Now that is impressive!

The larkspur, believed to be the shape of a lark’s claw, has had many uses worldwide. Whilst the English believe the flowers can cure certain ailments, Europeans used them to create blue dye and in Transylvania they dried the flowers and stored them in stables to protect the horses from spells!

If planting your larkspur, you need to sow the seeds making sure they have had a long period of cooler temperatures so consider autumn or early spring. They thrive in full sun and partial shade and require moist, well-drained soil. It is often the smallest of the larkspur that get used to decorate borders or flowerbeds, whereas the taller stems are often then cut for flower arrangements.

Water lilies, Monet’s favourite, are the second birth month flower for July. The striking shape of these water-flowers are unforgettable. Due to their ability to offer food and comfort to pond-life, they are a popular choice for one’s water features. If you are feeling artistic, why not have an attempt at painting a water lily in your garden, just like Monet – he did over 250 paintings – now there’s a challenge once the weather improves!

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