Birth Month Flowers - June

Birth Month Flowers - June

Sophie, Hum Flowerpots on 9th Jun 2022

Can you believe we are in June already – where has the year gone?!

And did you know that the birth month flower of June is the Rose with many rose varieties coming into bud already. The word “rose” stems from the Latin word “rosa” and this flower was used as perfumes, medicines and confetti, after being grown extensively in the Middle East during the height of the Roman Empire.

There are many different types of roses and they are generally easy to grow and continue flowering all Summer long. But watch out for those thorns! From shrub roses to climbing roses, from Hybrid Tea roses to rambling varieties, there’s a rose for everyone. If you plant a rose, you will need to prune it once a year and keep pests such as greenfly under control. They will reward you with gorgeous flowers and wonderful scents again and again.

The birth flower for June signifies devotion, faith, honour and love, but when you give a bouquet of cut roses as a gift, keep in mind that the colour variations of the rose all have different meanings. Interestingly, the number of stems you give also have different connotations, with one single stem signifying love and romance, whilst bouquets signify thanks and gratitude.

The most popular colours for a bouquet of roses are red, pink and white – red is perfect to express your love, as epitomised by the Valentines Day cliché, but the other colours and shapes are equally as beautiful. White showcases innocence, and red and white combined symbolise unity. Delicate pink and yellow roses are ways to express friendship and happiness.

The rose is steeped in history too, as the oldest rose is more than 1000 years old, growing impressively at a Cathedral in Germany. 

With such interest and strong desires, worldwide, is it any wonder that the famous rose breeder David Austin spent 15yrs breeding a rare variety of rose – The Juliet – which captures the elegance, fragrance and beauty of older roses and combining it with the soft blush colours of modern blooms, creating his first hybrid rose. The Juliet Rose combines the resilience of more robust plants, the old-fashioned cupped-rose heads and the soft peachy colours of modern roses, therefore creating a rose which was estimated to have sold for several million pounds – yikes!

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