Birth Month Flowers - March

Birth Month Flowers - March

Sophie, Hum Flowerpots on 4th Mar 2022

Spring is finally here!

It’s enough to put a joyous spring in your step (excuse the pun) when the sun is shining and little flower buds start popping their heads out from underground. The brightest, most cheerful Spring flower is of course the daffodil! Just catching sight of these bold yellow blooms conjures up happy thoughts of new beginnings, and are strongly associated with Easter and Mother’s Day.

The daffodil, is the nickname – their real name is Narcissus which stems from the Latin word “narkissos” due to their poisonous properties found in their leaves and bulbs. They contain a substance called Lycorine which can make people and animals very sick – so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly or wear gloves when planting. For the purpose of this blog, I’ll refer to them by their popular name.

There are surprisingly 13 different types of daffodil, also known as jonquil, but a staggering 13,000 varieties of hybrid variations. Generally, they symbolise love, death and rebirth and the bright buds of yellow, white and orange pop up early Spring, being very popular around Mothers’ Day and Easter. However, worldwide they have different representations – in China they represent good luck, in the US they represent hope for illness cures and in Wales they are the national flower.

Being such an iconic bloom, it is a wise idea to buy the pre-cut stems early to avoid the rush in the supermarkets and florists. If you are doing a mixed flower vase arrangement, you may need to consider the other flowers as the sap from the daffodil stems can damage other flowers.

If you are wanting to plant daffodils ready for next year, then look out for big bulbs – the bigger the bulb the bigger the flower, however bear in mind that they have very delicate stems which may not support such a heavy head (if you opt for the larger option). Aim for a mid-size bulb and also assess the weight – if they are too light then it may mean the poor little bulb is dehydrated which won’t give you the best chance of an impressive yellow flowerbed of daffodils!

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