Gardening Trends 2021

Gardening Trends 2021

Sophie, Hum Flowerpots on 12th Jul 2021

Hooray! Let’s celebrate our gardens and review the trends for 2021.

As a result of the last 18 months throughout the pandemic, gardening has never been more fashionable. It is now a hobby for all ages as people celebrate being outdoors to improve their mental health. Tell us, what did you do in your outdoor space? Did you re-model your patios? Paint your balcony railings? Or even build a humongous workshop / home office. I have to tell you, we did a bit of everything, and there is still a long way to go!

Let’s take a look….

No matter what size your space is, there is always a little bit of light gardening involved – from carefully sowing seeds to getting your hands well and truly dirty by removing weeds (goodness, that is always a killer isn’t it?) And once the prep work is over, it is on to adding the colour into your outdoor space.

You can create a fun and welcoming atmosphere almost anywhere, be it on windowsills, driveways, side returns, pathways or patios. And let’s not forget climbers and plants that grow vertically. But for us at Hum, we are pleased to see that indoor house plants are still very much on trend as our bright, colourful pots can be used inside and out.

Moving on back to outside spaces, there is also a big trend towards “grow your own” and vegetable gardens as the population becomes more focussed on plant-based foods. Is this of interest to you? Tell us, what vegetables would you grow, and why? I’m a fruit fan myself, so for me it would have to be strawberries and raspberries – yum!

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