Kids Creations

Kids Creations

Sophie, Hum Flowerpots on 13th Sep 2021

"Bored. Bored. Bored." That’s what often comes out of children's mouths. It may be the start of the academic school year and the children are back in their classrooms, but what about weekends and after school activities? The cold winter nights haven’t set in just yet, so what about planning some green-fingered projects for children to do….

Now you may be reading this and thinking, “but I don’t have any children…” but you may have a young niece, nephew or cousin, or you may enjoy spending time with the children of your friends or neighbours.

Children are often feeling like they need to be stimulated all day, every day. But that doesn't have to mean sitting in front of the television or playing computer games for hours on end. Being outside is an opportunity to interact with nature and do something creative and inspiring, from making mini gardens to counting the bugs and insects. The cost is minimal too, all you need is a few bits and bobs and a patch of garden, field, park or even wasteland, to conjure up fun projects for the children to get their small, sticky hands in to!

Here are some fun, creative options below:

  • 1.Container Gardening – children will learn about potting plants, caring for them, watering them and then trying to keep their own plant or flower alive. Let the children choose some fun, bright, bold containers to plant their flowers of choice. Hum have some fantastic pots in small, medium and large, and I’m sure you’ll see squabbles over who chooses which design – there are lots to choose from! You can purchase them here.
  • 2.Bug Boxes – kids always love this activity, running around the garden trying to find bugs, ladybirds, woodlice, and all kinds of insects! They also love trying to find materials to put inside to keep the little creatures warm and dry - like leaves, pinecones, twigs, grass and so on. Instead of an old cardboard box, you could even turn a plant pot upside down.

  • 3.Fairy Gardens – some children are utterly captivated by the idea of making an enchanted miniature garden. There are lots of ways to create this, either by using twigs and branches or by using pots as well. I’ve seen many options over the years! This is a fantastic way to encourage creativity and imagination in young children – what will they use to create a pathway? What will they use to create a teeny tiny fence? And what about a door? Their imaginations run wild, and so they should!

  • 4.A,B,C Garden Hunt – another great option to get their minds engaged and their little legs running around trying to find things. It can cover anything and everything, from plants to flowers, bushes to shrubs, soil to grass, furniture to outside lighting, pots to decking and so on. Although I must admit, I do often struggle with the last letters X, Y, Z… what can you think of??
  • 5.Micro Zen Gardens – these are very popular at the moment with the increased focus on mental health. Grab an old glass jar or pot and carefully clean it up. Then find some small rocks and/or pebbles, tiny plants or leaves for greenery and some sand, and maybe even crystals.

  • 6.Herb Gardening – it's similar to container gardening, with the advantage of inspiring budding young chefs by planting edible herbs in our small Hum flowerpots. This will not only teach them about responsibility, but it will also encourage them to try new flavours and try new ingredients. Watch them get excited as the basil, mint, rosemary, parsley grow for all those wonderful recipes to be devoured! The pots can then be kept in the kitchen to make it easy whilst cooking.

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