The WOW Factor - Front Doorsteps!

The WOW Factor - Front Doorsteps!

Sophie, Hum Flowerpots on 4th Oct 2021

We have focussed recently on gardens but I’d like to share some ideas today on front porches and front doorsteps – creating that WOW moment upon impact. As the weather turns, we will inevitably want to spend less time outside, but we can still develop a beautiful entrance which offers outstanding kerb appeal to passers-by. I don’t know about you, but I often find on walks that I “Ooh and ahh” over some of my neighbours’ great achievements, and then I come home and start plotting!

Having said that, it can feel challenging to think of creations – what sparks an initial idea that then goes on to become a full-on mini DIY project!

I’ve pulled together some suggestions which would suit all properties, such as country cottages, urban town houses or ground floor flats. And why not replicate what you have done with the front door and do the same with your back door – the more the merrier – let’s take a look…

  • 1. Privacy – this can be hard to come by in some areas – whether you are on a busy suburban street or a country road with no pavements and your house is right by the roadside for admirers to peer straight through the ground floor windows, privacy needs to be addressed so you can shut yourself off from the world and unwind. If your front garden is minimal, take a look at topiary as it is a great way to add green and create shelter from the outside – you could consider boxed topiary for the windows and balled topiary for the doorway to compliment it.
  • 2.External Windowsills – You can keep things simple, yet fun and inviting. Perhaps have low maintenance gravel for the ground area, with a couple of potted plants on the sills to draw the eye up. It also creates a pretty view from inside the home too – win win!

  • Pathways – if you have a quaint little pathway leading to the front door, perhaps you could line it with colourful pots of different sizes – it will encourage your guests to look around and marvel at what you have created – perhaps even go one step further and paint your front door a fun bold colour to match the pots? I have seen lots of cobalt blues, vibrant yellows or sage green doors. The colour on display will immediately lift everyone’s spirts – even the postman!

  • 4.Thoughtful Planning – some front gardens can be a little more generous. So perhaps, after you have laid the gravel driveway, or bricked it for an even more polished finish, then focus your time on a pretty corner carefully considered and planned. Carve out a corner arrangement of green foliage and seasonal flowers, with the tallest plants at the back, or perhaps even some vertical gardening using a trellis.
  • 5.Potted Plants – when you don’t have fences for privacy then potted plants can loosely create this for you. Consider hardy plants that can withstand the strong winds, hail and snow, as winter sets in. You can create some very striking displays using Cordyline 'red star' plants, or red leaf Acers, which offer colour as well as that instant impact.

We’d love to see your creations! What has inspired you? Please share your front doorsteps and porches with us!

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