Product Info

Flowerpot Dimensions:

Small:  15cm high, 15cm diameter (6" x 6")
Ideal for herbs, succulents, cacti and small plants and happily fit on a windowsill.

Medium:  22cm high, 22cm diameter  (8.5" x 8.5")
Great for accessorising your home with bright patterns.

Use them in your garden to take the indoors, outdoors. Hum Flowerpots are great for spaces large & small, the bright designs stand out and complement plant foliage and flowers.

Large:  25cm high, 25cm diameter (10" x 10")   
Suitable for larger houseplants; Yuccas, Palms, Ficus, Bamboos and many more.

Use Large Hum planters outdoors on patios, decking, porches or garden stairs to add colour all year round. 







  • 2 sizes to fit our 22x22cm medium pots and 25x25cm large pots
  • Colour matched to our blue, pink and green pots
  • Designed with ridges to help elevate your pot for better drainage
  • Simply make drainage holes in your pot, pop in a plant, and add a saucer



Our pots and saucers are lightweight yet durable. They won't crack and they are very easy to wipe down and clean.



Optional Drainage Holes for Flowerpots:

Guides included on the base to drill optional drainage holes if required.

Alternatively, they can be used as beautiful cover pots, simply check the diameter of your existing pot against the options above.




Weather Proof Flowerpots & Saucers:

Our durable, sturdy pots survive all the elements that the British weather brings, including rain, snow, wind, hail and sunshine. 

Designs can last up to two years outside.