Pack of 3 Saucers Sturdy Drip Trays Choice of Size and Colour for Outdoor/Indoor Plant Pots - 19cm Pink


3 PACK OF SAUCERS -19cm (7.5”): Designed to fit Hum Flowerpots 25cm (10”) size. For other pots, please note that the top and bottom saucer dimensions are different. The inner diameter is 17.5cm (6.9”) so please ensure that this is greater than the diameter of the bottom of the pot.

STRONG & DURABLE PLASTIC: Made from widely recyclable Polypropylene plastic, manufactured in the UK. Very str

OPTIMAL PLANT DRAINAGE: First make sure your plant pot has drainage holes in the base - you will need to make holes in Hum Flowerpots. These saucers catch the water coming through the bottom of the pot, helping to protect your floors, carpets, tabletops and surfaces from water and soil spillage.

DESIGNED WITH RIDGES: Ridges on the surface of these plant trays elevate your pot slightly for maximum plant health and to avoid getting root rot.

COLOUR MATCHED: Our pink, blue and green saucers are specifically colour matched to Hum Flowerpots so that your pots and saucers are colour co-ordinated. Manufactured using UV-resistant materials to provide a fade-free, frost-proof performance.